Little Champs


Welcome to Little Performers, a place where young stars shine brightly! Our dance studio offers an exciting array of classes for kids to explore and express themselves through dance. From the high-energy rhythms of Zumba and the vibrant moves of Bollywood to the urban beats of Hip Hop and the cultural richness of Bhangra and Kathak, our classes are designed to ignite creativity and foster a love for movement. In our Free Style classes, kids can unleash their imagination and develop their own unique dance style. Led by experienced instructors, our classes provide a fun and supportive environment where kids can grow, learn, and dance their hearts out!


Our music classes for kids offer a dynamic and engaging environment for learning and exploring the Keyboard/Piano, Guitar, and Drum Set. With our experienced instructors, children will develop a solid foundation in music theory, technique, and performance skills. Whether they're tickling the ivories, strumming their favorite tunes on the guitar, or creating powerful beats on the drum set, our classes cater to all levels of expertise and inspire a lifelong love for music. Join us at our school and watch as your child's musical talents blossom and their creativity takes center stage!


Our Yoga classes for kids provide a nurturing and playful environment where they can explore mindfulness, movement, and self-expression. Led by experienced instructors, our classes combine age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, and creative activities to cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Through yoga, children develop body awareness, improve concentration, and learn valuable tools for managing stress and emotions. Join us at our school and witness your child blossom as they embrace the joy of yoga and discover the magic of connecting mind, body, and spirit.


Our art classes for kids encompass a wide range of mediums and techniques to explore. From Pencil shading and drawing to painting and paper craft, our experienced instructors guide children in developing their artistic skills and self-expression. Discover the beauty and cultural heritage of Madhubani painting, with its bold lines and vibrant colors, or explore the meditative beauty of Mandala Art. Through engaging projects and hands-on activities, children will cultivate their creativity, hone their fine motor skills, and learn to appreciate the power of artistic expression. Join us and let your child's artistic journey begin!